Have you ever taken your white socks off at night and noticed just how dirty they are from your feet sweating all day?

That is because your body absorbs lots of toxins throughout the day and your feet are one area of your body that is able to push them out.

Your diet may not be as healthy as it should be and over time your body absorbs lots of nasty toxins which slowly poison us from within; this is why it is important to detox regularly in order to flush these toxins out!

Evolution Slimming has used this simple detoxing fact and has introduced Sleeptox foot patches to the market. Sleeptox Foot patches have been designed for you to easily apply to the soles of your feet.

Wearing two patches (one on each foot) at night whilst you are asleep enables the product to get hard to work and draw the toxins out of your body. The patches are 100% natural and easy to use.

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A detoxing product is something we have all heard about in the past, however many products are in the form of pills. Evolution Slimming saw a gap in the market and have produced a product that is not only user friendly but it is very appealing for those individuals that find it difficult to take a tablet or for those of us that like to physically see the results.

When first applied, the foot patch is a white colour; by the morning you will notice this is more of a “brown” colour.

Don’t be alarmed – this is a sign that the product has worked and that “brown colour” you can see is in actual fact just some of the nasty toxins the patch has absorbed.

How to use Sleeptox

Applying the Sleeptox pads is extremely easy which makes this product very appealing.

When you open your box of Sleeptox you will notice it contains 10 patches. This is a 5 day supply as you use two each day (one on each foot). Simply place one of the pads in the centre of your foot.

Make sure the pad is attached firmly to prevent it falling off in your sleep but also make sure it is comfortable for you! If you get chilly feet at night you can wear socks over the patches as this will not affect the patches performance.

Where possible, try and keep the Sleeptox patches on your feet for 8 hours, this will maximise the results.

What is in Sleeptox

So what goes into the product? As we touched on before, Sleeptox is 100% natural and contains only the most effective ingredients. these include Wood Vinegar Extract, Bamboo Vinegar Extract, Chitin, Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Vegetable Fiber, Minus Ion Powder and Dextrin.

So lets recap; Sleeptox foot patches are not only simple to use, they are easy to apply and can be removed just as easy in the morning. They are also 100% natural and are not known to have any side effects. Within just one course (5 days) of using this product you will start to see results!

The results range from weight loss to a better looking skin, increased level of energy and feeling free from the toxins that weight you down.

Where to buy Sleeptox in Canada

Sleeptox is available to buy in Canada from the Evolution Slimming Store.

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