Liporexall Review Canada

In amongst the numerous fat loss products available today, you could have noticed a supplement called Liporexall. This is a food supplement that comes in capsule form, and it is supposed to help users shed the pounds permanently.

The company website says that users can lose up to 300 % more fat on their bodies by consuming Liporexall. Whilst the manufacturer claims that this product is clinically proven, the FDA have not approved it.

Unfortunately, the product’s website does not give any information about the manufacturer’s background.

What is in Liporexall

Liporexall pills have nine patented ingredients in them for weight loss. These ingredients include BioPerine (that helps the core / internal heat or metabolism).

Chromemate (that helps control blood sugar levels), Super Citri-Max (that lessens appetite and sheds calories), Tonalin, Infinergy Di-caffeine Malate, CLA (that burns belly fat), Phase-2 (that blocks carbohydrates), Pinno-Thin (that lowers hunger pangs).

Advantra-Z (that facilitates fat burning), Ne-Opuntia (fat binder) and 7-Keto (that raises energy and increases metabolism).

The ingredients above are featured in a “proprietary” blend which is very unhelpful. None of the ingredients above are present in a large enough dose to have any useful effect on body weight. What customers desire is one, basic ingredient in the appropriate dose, as opposed to a mishmash of ingredients.

Liporexall Characteristics

Liporexall is meant to be swallowed daily to aid weight loss and it is available over-the counter. As with numerous other supplements for sale today, this blend is supposed to be consumed along with a good workout regime and healthy meal program.

One Liporexall bottle is purchasable on the company website for $99.95. The product website says that this fat loss tablet is not effective for at least 2 % of users. Nonetheless, it does provide an unconditional money-back guarantee. No customer testimonials, or ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, are displayed on the company site. But, a telephone contact number and an email address are provided for customer support.

Liporexall Positives

  • All of Liporexall’s primary ingredients are displayed on the company site.
  • Liporexall offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Liporexall Negatives

  • No customer success stories are evident to add credibility to this fat loss supplement.
  • Some dieters could be allergic to some of the product’s ingredients.
  • Liporexall is over-priced, at $100 for each bottle.
  • There is no information displayed about the makers of Liporexall.
  • Although Liporexall is claimed to be clinically tested, the test data is not mentioned on the company website.

Liporexall Verdict

Liporexall is branded in a similar style to numerous other weight loss products. There are innumerable promises made relating to fat reduction, but virtually no details are offered about the product maker’s themselves, or even the location where the product is produced.

The supplement’s proprietary blend will not be beneficial for users, because no ingredient is present in the dosages required, and it is difficult to know whether this blend results in any severe side effects. Potential customers are advised to talk to a GP before consuming a product like Liporexall.

Where to Buy Liporexall In Canada

Unlikely to be sold through the regular health product suppliers such as GNC, Shoppers Drugs Mart, Wal Mart. The official website is the most obvious stockist.

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