Nuvagenic Review – Does It Work, Side Effects And Where To Buy In Canada

Nuvagenic in CanadaNuvagenic is a commercial diet pill that is being advertised extensively in most countries including Canada. But the actual purpose of using it and the actual effects are not realized by many people.

This article will mainly deal with what is in it and the side effects of the pill. It is often bundled or sold with a detox product called Solpria.

Is Nuvagenic worth investing your time, money and weight loss hope into?

What Is Nuvagenic And How Does It Work

Nuvagenic helps in rejuvenating the energy that is lost in day to day activities, this according to its makers. It also helps in creating a tighter body and aids in the process of burning excess fat in body.

Its mechanic of action is not too far removed from a majority of fat burners in circulation today.

Key Ingredients

African mangoThe ingredients that are used are not completely new. When you read the label of contents, you will not have a feeling that it is a new product. Ingredients like acia berry, pomegranate, caffeine are not new components.

The main staple ingredient is African mango – a superfruit that has been surpassed by the likes of raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia

Green tea is known for its antioxidant and fat burning properties. Thus you can be sure that all these components will help in weight loss. But there are not enough clinical trials to show that Nuvagenic aids in weight loss. There are so many research papers to prove that green tea or African mango contributes to weight reduction. But this blend of components need not create the same effect. The key ingredient seems to be Irvingia Gabonensis, which suppresses appetite to a considerable extent.

Interesting Nuvagenic Fact

Nuvagenic websiteThe official web site of Nuvagenic will have several photos of people who have used the product. There will be two different stills, one before using the pill and one after using the pill. There will be a lot of difference between these photos. The flabby folds of fats in the tummy will not be seen in the photos of customers, who have used the slimming pill.

But one cannot be sure whether it is a fake one or a genuine photograph. It is stated in the official web site of Nuvagenic, that you can lose around 8 lb of weight in a month. It is also stated that you need to follow a strict diet and an exercise plan along with the pill. Do you know that you will lose around 2 lb of weight in a week by going on a strict diet? Since you can achieve 8 lb of weight reduction just by having healthy diet, the need to take the pill, Nuvagenic to reduce 2 lb of weight is nullified.

Nuvagenic Media Focus

There is a lot of hype about the product. But the actual worth of the product is not realized. When you read about the product review from various magazines, you will be able to draw a conclusion that product delivery is not on time. Many customers have lodged complaints about this aspect in various blogs and forums and have discouraged people from buying Nuvagenic slimming pills.

There is no money back guarantee offered

Success Stories

There are no true success stories about Nuvagenic. The official web site does not have clear details on the ingredients. All benefits of Nuvagenic are vague and are not supported by clinical research work or strong case studies. Thus it is hard to rely on such products. Celebrities do not wish to risk their health by using unknown weight loss pills. Those who have used it feel that there is nothing special or new in Nuvagenic, in terms of ingredients or in terms of impact on fat synthesis. Hence they are not interested in buying it for the second time and wasting hard earned money.

Side Effects

There are no major side effects due to the use of Nuvagenic since all components are completely natural. However it is not recommended for pregnant women or for nursing mothers. Though there are no side effects, this does not imply that it is completely safe for use in patients with cancer or with other health issues. In fact, it is risky to use when you have diabetes or heart failure problems. There are no case histories of people with diabetes, who have used this product.

Is It Recommended

Nuvagenic might be causing a slimming effect. But it is not highly effective. The amount of weight loss that you can gain by eating a healthy diet and by doing strenuous workouts is far higher than the amount of weight lost through this pill. This statement might ring the bell in your ears that all the advertisements about Nuvagenic are just exaggerated promotional aids.

Where To Buy Nuvagenic In Canada

It can be ordered from the official website exclusively. There is no in-store presence in Canada. GNC, Wal mart or the pharmacies such as Jean Coutu or Shoppers Drug Mart do no stock.

Recommended Diet Pill

Garcinia diet pills CanadaGarcinia Cambogia Extra contains tow of the most in-demand natura fat burners – garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketone.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place and the current buy 3 get 3 free offer is practically unbeatable.

Both garcinia and raspberry ketone can not only help to burn excess body fat but also stop the accumulation of new fat.

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