ProAction Acai Review Canada

Two diet pill products that are receiving a great deal of attention are Pro Action Acai and Pro Action Hoodia.

Released in the US initially (as most products are) it has now found its way across the border and is causing much debate in Canada

Both Acai and Hoodia are staple ingredients of the diet industry and used as either a main component or part of a more elaborate formula.

Either way the debate does not surround the legitimacy of Acai or Hoodia, more the ProAction brand.

ProAction have twinned both products and can be purchased either as a combination or separately. One of the issues that caused the brand to highlighted was the Free Trial offered.

Bulletin boards and forums were awash with comments from disgruntled customers complaining of instances of unusual debits form credit cards.

Although advertised as a Free Trail it was not exactly free, a small shipping charge was applied (a few dollars) which is perfectly acceptable – what wasn’t quite so acceptable was customers were charged unwittingly for repeat purchases, some to the tune of $70. Contacting the company behind ProAction also proved problematic to say the least.

Putting the dubious business practice aside what about the products

ProAction Acai – billed as the antioxidant cleansing weight loss formula the concept and effect of Acai is largely unquestioned.

It is highly regarded and considered to be the most effective of the superfruits with more than just weight loss offered as a benefit. Premium Acai berry capsules cause a fat burning effect as well as the ability to detox and cleanse the system as well as provide a preventative measure against disease.

ProAction Acai has not exactly covered itself in glory from a marketing perspective and so can be overlooked in favour or a premium brand, namely Pure Acai Berry Max

Pure Acai berry contains freeze Acai berry and is fully authentic.

More about Pure Acai Berry Max

ProAction Hoodia – the natural appetite suppressant. Hoodia is the most popular and most widely sold natural appetite suppressant the world over.

There have been many weight loss success stories attributed to Hoodia, with origins dating back centuries. Hoodia was first used by the nomadic tribes people of the Kalahari, Southern African as a method of controlling hunger when food source was scarse.

Hoodia has since been adapted over the last decade to serve the commercial western world as a way of reducing appetite resulting in a significant decrease of daily calorie consumption.

ProAction Hoodia can also be overlooked for the same reasoning attached to its sister product ProAction Acai.

If you are curious as to how Hoodia could help you to reduce your daily consumption read about the leading commercial brand Hoodia Gordonii Plus