TWINLAB Ripped Fuel 5X Review

The TwinLab Ripped Fuel supplement is a  muscle building pill combined with a weight loss pill. Using it, the makers state that you can boost your metabolism (which will aid weight loss), lower your body fat and stimulate the growth and development of muscle tissue.

Two TwinLab pills should be consumed each day, and it is not suitable for anyone below 18 years of age. TwinLab Ripped Fuel ranks among the least expensive weight loss pills available for sale, costing just $27.99 for a container of forty pills.

Be aware though, that a single bottle will not last you even for one month, because two pills have to be swallowed each day.

The product’s official website also makes no mention of a refund guarantee, or of any policies concerning exchanges and/or returns. This is normally a bad sign, because a quality product will usually provide some sort of customer satisfaction guarantee.

What Ingredients Does TwinLab Ripped Fuel 5X Contain?

The supplement contains some ingredients which are commonly seen in fat loss supplements, and others which are not usually seen. These ingredients include: caffeine, chromium, extract of ginger root, baical skull-cap root, extract of black pepper fruit, black catechu bark, cayenne fruit, extract of cinnamon bark and extract of rhodiola rosea root.

Whilst several of the above ingredients are proven to assist weight loss, lots of them are not. Also, there are no clinical trials connecting any of the above ingredients to TwinLab Ripped Fuel or to its’ success.

TwinLab Ripped Fuel Side-effects and Customer Reviews

Numerous side-effects have been recorded from the users. Amongst these are: the jitters, headaches, nervousness, insomnia, increased heart rate and irritability.

The independent testimonials are varied. Some report that they witnessed a dramatic increase in sculpted muscle tissue and weight reduction, whilst others report that they witnessed no effects to speak of. This indicates that, whilst TwinLab might be effective for some users, it is possibly not a particularly reliable or consistent product in general.


It is difficult to say whether it will work effectively. It certainly claims to do many things to improve your health (like help conserve lean muscle, burn calories quicker, aid body fat reduction, increase levels of energy and facilitate nutrient absorption), but none of these things are supported by scientific evidence or clinical trials.

If something appears too perfect, then there is usually a catch…

The manufacturer’s do not cite any type of double blind studies testing subjects using Twinlab Ripped Fuel against people using placebos.

The majority of reputable weight loss products, on the other hand, would offer some sort of evidence or research to back-up their boasts.

This product does contain some good ingredients. However, without the correct quantities, you will not experience any real benefit. Overall, Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x appears a bit over-the-top and sensationalised, so it will probably not be the best route if you want to lose weight.

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