30 Days Diet Pill

30 Days is the new combo diet product that suggests that it can help you to achieve a slimmer appearance in just 30 days. The marketing material suggests you could lose between 1 and 2 dress sizes in just a month.

30 Days (or the 30 Days Diet) comprises of 2 products called Waistline and Colon Cleanser each performing a specific task that when combined can work together to tackle the causes of weight gain and attack one of the main contributors to the appearance of being overweight.

30 Days Waistline

This is the diet pill, it is a completely natural product designed to target one of the most significant factors of gaining weight initially.

Stress can cause havoc with our hormones. There is a hormone present in all of us that when triggered can cause a surge in our hunger responses. This hunger response can be controlled by Beta Glucans.

Controlling what we eat has an obvious effect on out waistline.

30 Days Colon Cleanser

Abdominal fat is the hardest to shift. the build up of abdominal fat can be the result of the accumulation of undigested food, decaying fecal matter, rancid fat and toxic bacteria that has become stuck in the intestines for months, even years.

When this happens, our internal system is simply not able to break down and expel the poisonous toxins and bacteria. It is estimated that an average adult could be carrying as much as 10lbs of waster debris and fecal matter in their abdomen.

Not Recommended – Phen375 is a better option