7-DFBX Review

The 7 DFB (7 Day Fat Burner) has been in existence for several years in one form or another and now appears to have been reformulated and is now called 7-DFBX.

Posing questions such as “can you really lose weight in 7 days” while professing to an extreme detox weight loss formula does it really live up to its aggressive marketing style.

Based on 5 years of clinical research the team behind 7DFBX has come up with what they believe to be the worlds fastest acting fat burner designed to detoxify, burn fat while suppressing appetite with a goal of losing weight in just a week.

What Is 7DFBX

A commercial diet pill that has a multi faceted approach to weight loss by offering a fat burning and appetite suppressing action together with detox a cleansing solution.

What Is In The Formula

It would probably be easier to list what is not included in the formula as there are approaching 40 ingredients that reads like a who’s who of the herb world.

All of the ingredients appear to be from the natural world with a few standouts ingredients with cayenne pepper being the most noteworthy.

How Does 7DFBX Work

There is not much in way of specifics detailed on the official website save for a few highly ambiguous headlines suggesting extreme weight loss by fat burning, appetite suppression and detox.

Potential Side Effects

Probably none to keep in line with ambiguity.

Where To Buy 7DFBX In Canada

It is unlikely that you find 7DFBX in Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal Mart or any Canadian pharmacy

Alternative Fat Burners

There are several products that could be recommended over and above but perhaps the most of interest is Phen375.

Phen375 is made in FDA approved facilities using a formula based on pharmaceutical grade substances.

Phen375 is available to buy without prescription in Canada.

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