Aduki Diet Review

Aduki Diet PillThe Aduki Diet is advertised as a simple yet effective way of suppressing your appetite, which enables you to control hunger cravings. Nonetheless, there are many fad diets on the market that also make similar promises.

Lets take a closer look at this self proclaimed “fastest selling” UK dietary product, to see if these Aduki beans can produce any slimming magic.

Aduki beans are used in Chinese and East Asian cuisine. There are a couple of capsule strengths for the Aduki Diet, extra strength or normal strength.

The manufacturer recommends choosing their best selling extra strength capsules. However, if you are under forty and have fourteen pounds or less to lose, then normal strength capsules are OK. The difference between these two capsules, with regards to the type or quantity of ingredients they use, is not clear though.


Aduki BeansThere are six active ingredients in this product, although no ingredient quantities are specified. Consequently, it is impossible to know whether sufficient quantities are included. The ingredients are:

Aduki Beans: These are commonly grown across the Himalayas and East Asia. The manufacturer says that the beans can stimulate frequent bowel movements, and that the fibre might lower bad cholesterol levels. Additional “proof” is anecdotal, and no clinical trials are referenced to support this. Wikipedia does not mention whether the beans have any weight loss properties.

Green Tea: A powerful antioxidant that, in certain quantities with caffeine, can stimulate thermogenosis, which increases fat oxidation. The amount of Green Tea extract included in this product is unclear though.

Lotus Leaves: This is a common ingredient in Chinese medicine that has been used to treat several conditions, like vomiting with blood, diarrhoea, fevers and blood in the urine. Also, it can reduce muscle spasms. It is rich in phytochemicals which can assist with fighting fungal and bacterial infections.

Radish Seeds: Believed to help with treating several conditions such as jaundice, piles, urinary disorders, cancer, kidney disorders, fever and insect bites. With regards to losing weight, the Aduki Diet says the seeds will fill your belly and quell hunger pangs without the calories. Nonetheless, no clinical trials are referenced to back up these claims, and no amounts are specified either.

The Aduki Diet1Poria: Purported to be commonly used throughout Asia, and animal tests have indicated it might be an anti inflammatory agent and immunomodulator for diabetes (and maybe cancer) management. While no clinical trials support specific quantities, doses used range from three to forty-five grams each day. Obviously, Aduki Diet capsules do not contain anywhere close to this amount.

Collagen: A collection of naturally occurring animal proteins believed to benefit the joints and bones, and help with sports performance and weight management. Again, no quantities are specified and no clinical references are provided to support these claims.

Recommended Dosage

Users are advised to consume one capsule at breakfast, and another at lunchtime if required. Thus, one container will last thirty days, if you opt to consume two capsules daily, making it quite costly.

Side Effects

The Aduki Diet is non-addictive and supposed to be safe for healthy people, over the age of eighteen. Seek medical advice if you have any medical conditions, or if you are taking any medication. As with all diet supplements, do not take this product if you are a nursing mother, pregnant, or if you have a BMI of less than 18.5.


  • Contains green tea (but unclear how much)


  • Ingredient quantities are not revealed, and no details are provided about the difference between Aduki capsules
  • No refund guarantee
  • No clinical evidence provided to support the effectiveness of the product

Final Verdict

The evidence supporting the Aduki bean as an effective appetite suppressant is weak. As with all high fibre nutrients, these beans can make you feel full by bulking the contents of your stomach. Nonetheless, for it to work effectively, a large quantity of fibre is needed, and this is unlikely to be present in just one or two capsules.

Also, the price of the Aduki Diet is worrying. If you opt to consume two capsules daily (to get the “additional benefit”), then one container will only last thirty days. Thus, potentially, it could cost you $100.00 each month.

Where To Buy Aduki Diet In Canada

Not available to buy in store in Canada from health supplement specialists such as GNC or pharmacies such as Shoppers Drug Mart. the most obvious stockist if you did want to try is the official website.

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