Buying Alli In Canada

Alli Orlistat is one of the most sought after diet pills in not just Canada but across the United States and throughout Europe.

Alli is has a pretty compelling marketing angle by being the only FDA approved diet pill that can be purchased over the counter without prescription.

But unfortunately for Canadians “over the counter” does not really apply as there is not a store in the whole of Canada that you could walk into and purchase.

The Unites States, the UK and Mainland Europe are afforded this luxury – but for Canadians its the internet or go without.

Interestingly the Canadian Wal Mart and Costco do not stock and yet their US counterparts do!

Can I Buy Alli In Canada

Up until the end of 2012 Alli could be purchased overseas and shipped to Canada, this option is all but gone now, a few do still exist – there are very few stockists available to you if you are Canadian – Alli is now no longer available

PhenQ canadaThe emergence of PhenQ has all but rendered Alli as obsolete. PhenQ can do all that Alli can (blocking fat) but also it can act as a fat burner and also suppress appetite. It is becoming almost the de facto diet pill across the world. PhenQ is considered to be one of the most effective over the counter hunger suppressants as well as fat burners [source].

PhenQ has a 60 day money back guarantee and can be delivered for free anywhere in the world.

Read more on PhenQ here

The web is a great place for research and information but as soon as you put yourself in purchasing mode you expose yourself to the dark side of the web.

In 2008 Alli was introduced by pharmaceutical giant GSK, The United States were the first to allow purchases followed by Europe.

Although Alli is completely legal there are several online pharmacies that state the “lowest price” or “cheapest” be extremely careful when buying online from the web as a large majority of these seemingly above board websites are not fully authorized sell Alli.

Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Alli In Canada

There is no need for a prescription to buy in any country in the world.

Although Alli is classed as non prescription there are some loose restrictions that can restrict a purchase.

Alli is recommended to people who have a high BMI (Body Mass Index) – if your BMI is 28 or above you are eligible to buy.

Authorised Alli suppliers will ask you to fill out a simple online questionnaire before buying – this questionnaire consists of a few questions that once completed will take you directly to the order cart. This is called a Pre Authorization Form

The kind of questions that are most likely to be asked are:

Please enter the intended users height in Meters.

Please enter the intended users weight in KG.

Is the user taking any other medication, including vitamins and herbal remedies?

Recommended Alli Stockist For Canada

Chemist Direct is a registered and authorized stockist of Alli Orlistat and many other premier brand diet and weight management products.

Alli is Available in a 42 pack or an 84 pack.

Weightworld guarantee that all products in their portfolio are 100% legitimate and are covered by the manufacturers guarantee.

The big drawback is that Alli will shop from the UK

Alli Is No Longer available to buy in Canada or have shipped to Canada

PhenQ is an alternative to Alli – Read more


Alli is NOT available in the following stores

Remedy’s Rx
DRUGStore Pharmacy
Loblaw Pharmacy
Herbie’s for Drug and Food
London Drugs
Medicine Shoppe
Payless for Drug and Food
Pharma Plus
Safeway Pharmacy
Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix