Apidextra Review Canada

Apidextra is fat burner that looks ro formulated in the United States and looks to target that demographics. Apidextra is available to Canadians but only through the official website.

The official websites claims that weight loss is guaranteed and you can get your money back if you don’t – I wonder just how many have ben successful. We have tried to contact by phone and by email, no response on both occasions.

The name “Apidextra” sounds quite familiar, there are several brands that all appears near clones of one another – in not just name but mechanic of action. Apidexin, Adapexin … can you spot the difference.

What is Apidextra

A combination of natural ingredients designed to supposedly burn fat, raise the metabolic rate and suppress appetite.

What is In And How Does It Work

Chromax Chromium: a natural substance that does has some degree of approval from the medical profession. It has an association helping to control appetite and reducing hunger. Also can help stabilizing your sugar level.

Glucomannan: a water-soluble dietary fiber that can help to make you reach satiety quicker.

Super Citrimax: can stop the production of body fat, is being studied and can help to block enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat.

Cissus Quadrangularis: another natural substance geared towards suppression of appetite.

Green Tea: A natural fat burner, although it is not disclosed which variety is used in production

African Mango: the ingredient of most interest – African mango can curb hunger pangs and increase the rate in which your body can burn fat

Caffeine Anhydrous: helps to raise metabolism, reduces food cravings and breaks down harmful fatty acids. Caffeine is commonly known to be a diuretic as it promotes liquid reduction in the body.

Fucoxanthin: helps the body to burn fat more efficiently –  can increase DHA production which increases metabolic rate.

Apidextra Side Effects

There does not appear to anything documented or reported of any great severity. As a precaution pregnant and nursing mother should no use unless advised otherwise bu their doctor.

Where To Buy Apidextra In Canada

As mentioned above, only available to buy from the official website. There is not a chemist or pharmacy in Canada thats stocks the product

Is It Recommended

Extremely hard to recommend – there are other commercial diet pills with more compelling evidence.

One product that is proving very successful in Canada despite not being abale to buy in store is Alli. Alli is a fat blocker that can stop the absorption of fat from food consumed.

Alli is available to buy direct via the internet and ships to Canada.

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