Fembody Nutrition Appetite Control 100 Does It Work, Side Effects, Stockists In Canada

fembody Appetite Control 100One of the best ways to explain Fembody™ Nutrition Appetite Control 100 is – for women, by women and of women. This popular product has created a storm in the weight loss market and set a new precedent for all to follow – when in a diet learn to suppress appetite effectively.

A common reason why most diets fail to produce results is the recurring hunger. A diet naturally means lesser calories and food intake than what one is normally used to. If you eat moderately you will be eating less in a diet.

Even if you are an over eater and learning to stick to more strictly controlled diets you are eating less than what your body has grown used to all these years. It is natural to feel hungry and if we are no careful it is even easier to give up the strict new routine and fall back on our old ways.

“Controlling appetite is most obvious way of cutting daily calorific intake – it is surprising how difficult this is most people”

What is Fembody Nutrition Appetite Control 100?

appetite control pillsFembody essentially targets the hunger pangs that beset dieters and lead to failure of diets. Most diets are concerned with fat burning while Fembody is chiefly concerned with appetite suppression.

They use clinically tested and proven appetite suppressing ingredients which significantly lowers the dieter’s desire to eat, especially between meals.

Hunger leads us to not just overeating but eating junk. When one feels less hungry one can control the food intake better.

Snack and sugar cravings, which are the dieter’s deadliest enemies, fail to impact the body and mind and lead to better dieting results.

The breakthrough ingredient is Satiereal® Saffron Extract which is a strong appetite suppressant.

saffron extract appetite suppresantThe product is a result of extensive scientific experiments. A thorough clinical study has been conducted with live participants to test the effectiveness of the product.

The proprietary ingredient is naturally sourced and has shown a substantial reduction in appetites of dieters. Within a short time one can find significant weight loss in pounds as well as inches.

The capsules are further equipped with advanced nutritional formulae that supplements the core nutrient needs of a female body.

As a result even with regulated calorie intake and hunger control one will not feel fatigued or weak easily. The scientifically tested ingredients have been used to create a revolutionary product by a team of women who understand the female physiology better than anyone else. Perhaps that is the reason for the amazing success of the product.


  • Satiereal Saffron ( As an extract )
  • Oat Bran
  • Other than these it also contains vegetable cellulose, rice bran and silica

How does Fembody work?

The veggie capsules offer a combination of appetite control and fiber to fill up the system. Together they keep the dieter full for a long time and control food cravings.

Oat bran is a known and established source of fiber. The oat bran in Fembody fills up the dieter for a long time and slows down digestion. As a result one feels hungry after long intervals and never a gnawing hunger which means one can now have better control over food intake.

The saffron extract works as an appetite suppressant and a mood elevator. Saffron has long been an antidote for depression which is a major cause for women to over eat.

To ensure best results one has to take Fembody along with proper diet and exercise. Nothing major but a little caution is advised. Since hunger pangs are going to be less one will obviously eat less, so it is important that all meals are balanced and nutritious.

Fembody: Side effects

Due to the presence of natural ingredients Fembody is safe for most dieters. However, those suffering from Bipolar disorders are advised against taking it.

Fembody Stockists In Canada

Can be purchased from several reputable stockists with GNC being perhaps the most noteworthy.

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