Unique Hoodia Canada Review

Hoodia is arguably the most well known weight loss product in existence.

A “Hoodia” ingredient is present is in a vast majority of over the counter or non prescription diet pills you will find in your local pharmacy or drug store.

The problem with the vast majority of Hoodia diet products is that they do not contain the correct type of Hoodia to have any effect on your weight loss ambition at all.

Unique Hoodia though, does seem to tick all the right boxes.

A Unique Hoodia Diet Pill

While the rest of the competition appears to be dreaming up novel ways to promote their latest product – the people behind Unique Hoodia have gone back to basics and produced a product that pretty much does what it says on the tine (or box).

Hoodia is accepted to be the most effective natural appetite suppressant on the planet

Its not so much the product that has a uniqueness, but rather the way that Unique Hoodia has positioned itself in the market.

Hoodia is regarded to be the most effective natural appetite suppressant in existence so why do competitive brands dilute with other ingredients is beyond comprehension – a cynic would throw cost into the equation.

Hoodia (proper raw hoodia powder that is) is quite expensive to harvest and encapsulate ready for human consumption. So rather than fill each capsule with the expensive ingredient, other less scrupulous manufacturers try to maximize profits by using cheaper filler ingredients.

Unique contains 495mg of raw hoodia powder. This is the highest strength Hoodia capsule currently available.

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  • There is 100% pure, genuine and raw Hoodia powder (p57 molecule)  used in production and not the cheaper plant extract.
  • 495mg is contained in each capsule using a slightly oversized vegecap capsule – don’t be fooled by the promotion tactic that many US based Hoodia producers use and claim 800mg or even 1000mg in each capsule as other less dense ingredients are used.
  • Unique Hoodia has a Certificate of Authenticity (CITES) that the Hoodia used is pure, as well as Certificate of Analysis (COA) and an Organics Annex Certificate.
  • A 6 month guarantee is place that will ensure that if you have not experienced the expected results you will get your money back.

Hoodia can dramatically decrease your daily calorie consumption

How Does Hoodia Help Weight Loss

If the reason why your attempts to lose weight in the past have not been successful, the most likely cause is your inability to reduce your daily calorie consumption. Will power (or rather lack of) and the inability to resist culinary temptation is a major cause of weight gain.

The average daily calorie consumption for a man is 2200 and 1800 for a woman – Reduce this number and your bathroom scales will make for good viewing!

Suppressing appetite is considered to be the safest and most effective method for long term weight loss.

Side Effects Of Unique Hoodia

As Unique Hoodia contains just the one ingredient (Hoodia p57 powder) it will not cause or pose a risk to health. It is important to stress that Hoodia (any brand) should not be considered as a meal replacement and so for best results eat normally and let the appetite suppressing effect occur naturally.

Is Unique Hoodia Recommended

If a diet pill of some description if your preferred method of achieving your weight loss goals – give Unique Hoodia serious consideration – Highly Recommended.

Where To Buy Unique Hoodia In Canada

Unique Hoodia can only be purchased from the official website  – it is available to buy without the need of a prescription but only to people who are 18 years of age or older.

Orders can be placed either by telephone, fax, mail order or online using a secure credit card processor.

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