Mulberry Zuccarin Canadian Review

Mulberry Zuccarin is produced by New Nordic, the Scandinavian diet pills pill specialist also responsible for Chili Burn

By definition it is an appetite suppressant but also contains a fat burner that when combined regulates blood sugar levels and block carbs, enabling you to burn fat more efficiently and reducing food cravings.

Some marketing sound bites used are….

Block carbohydrate digestion and regulate your blood sugar with this new unique and highly concentrated Mulberry leaf extract. “

How Does Mulberry Zuccarin Work

Mulberry Zuccarin contains a standardised extract of Mulberry leaf, that is extremely potent in a natural active substance called moranoline (also know as DNJ).

It works by controlling blood sugar levels and blocking carbohydrates (carbs), enabling you to burn fat more and reducing food cravings (suppressing appetite)

Whats In It

Mulberry Zuccarin contains 400mg of White Mulberry leaf extract.

Mulberry leaves have been used in beverges such as tea for more than 700 years in many oriental countries. It is recognised for its anti-hyperglycemic properties, that reduces the absorption of sugars in the blood and regulates insulin spikes better.

Does Mulberry Zuccarin Cause Side Effects

The ingredients are all natural and should cause any health concerns if used as suggested.

Is Mulberry Zuccarin Recommended Does It Work

New Nordic are one of the industry’s leading producers of quality weight loss products and invest a substantial amount of time and money on researching their products thoroughly prior to release.

However this particular product falls slightly short. It is extremely hard for a diet pill to perform two main functions and so it is recommended to either loom at a specialist fat burner or specialist appetite suppressant.

Where To Buy Mulberry Zuccarin Canada

Can be purchased from Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drugs Mart and other leading pharmacies.

Alternative Diet Pills

It is hard to ignore Phen375 – the combination fat burner and appetite suppressant.

Phen375 consists of pharmaceutical grade ingredients formulated in an FDA approved laboratory, something which few diet products can boast.

Phen375 offers extreme potency while remaining side effect free.

Current data indicates that it is possible to lose 10lbs within the first 2 weeks and after a 6 week period, an average weight loss of around 25lbs can be experienced.

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