Canada’s Best Selling Diet Pills

Its no secret that the USA enjoys a larger commercial variety of choice of diet products than Canada but this is most definitely not a bad thing. There is an awful lot of highly dubious weight loss products currently emanating from across the border.

Tighter restriction allow Canadians to choose a product in the knowledge that at least there is some semblance of clinical data and working effect attached to the product they are intending to purchase and use.

With this in mind here is a short snapshot of what the People of Canada (based on major cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottowa and Vancouver) are currently buying.

Phen375 – the powerful combination fat burner and appetite suppressant. Formulated in approved FDA laboratories and made from premium class and pharmacy grade ingredients.

Average weight loss reported by user is approximately 3lbs to 5lbs per week.

Phen375 encourage users to keep a diary and forward their results (good, bad or indifferent) for analysis and if agreeable publish on their official site.

Phen375 is non prescription and has virtually replaced the former popular Phentermine as Canada’s most sought after diet pill

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Proactol Plus – A fat binder and appetite suppressant that is produced from natural ingredients

Proactol Plus has been available since 2006 and has been subject to numerous clinical trial and has been responsible weight loss success stories.

Proactol Plus can significantly cut down your daily calorie consumption by stopping a portion of dietary from being absorbed. It can also reduce the need to snack and over eat.

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Alli – based on the chemical ingredient Orlistat. Alli is the lower strength version of the prescription diet drug Xenical.

Alli can be be purchased over the counter without prescription in most countries but not in Canada. This hasn’t stopped Canadians buying Alli though, Internet purchases are perfectly acceptable.

Alli can stop the absorption of some of the fat from the food that you eat. The undigested, unabsorbed fat can then pass naturally through your system and leave via bowel movements.

Alli has been criticised for causing a side effect known as the “Alli Oops”, whereby some user have complained that they have experienced an unannounced oily discharge. Alli advocates are quick to dissmiss this as the absolute proof that the diet pill is working p the oily discharge is in fact fat, would it be better to expel this fat or retain it.

Either way this hasn’t stopped Canadians buying Alli, on the contrary.

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