Decarb Carb Blocker Review

UK pharmaceutical giant Goldshield Healthcare have introduced another diet product to co-exist with two other popular products, Lipobind and Appesat.

DECarb is the new formulation carb blocking diet pill that can inhibit the absorption of a portion of carbohydrates from you daily diet.

It is claimed that DECarb can prevent over 60% of excess carbs without having to alter your dietary habits.

Expected weight loss per week is in the region of 2lbs – this equates to 8lbs per month. The manufacturers should be applauded for giving realistic expectation.

How Does DECarb Work

Carbohydrates are an essential part of your daily diet, commonly known as carbs, these are a chemical compound consisting only of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

“Bread, Rice, Potatoes and Pasta Common carbohydrate rich foods”

Carbohydrates are found in common foods (such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta) that are consumed everyday often without realising.

DeCarb contains a formulated substance called PhaseLite. PhaseLite a glycoprotein complex that prevents a portion of carbohydrate digestion.

These undigested carbohydrates can then pass naturally through your body and leave via bowel movements.

Does Decarb Cause Side Effects

DeCarb is a certified Class 2a medical device that basically means that it exerts a physical rather than a biochemical process on the body, if taken as suggested it should not cause any ill effect.

Any DeCarb Success Stories

DeCarb is a new introduction to the Canadian market and so success stories from this part of North America are yet to materialize.

In the UK though DeCarb has been responsible for numerous success stories.

British journalist  and Television reporter Gail Porter has attributed her recent weight loss success to the natural carb blocker.

“With the help of DEcarb™ I have shed over 14lbs since the beginning of the year. I look and feel fabulous, the most radiant in years and the weight loss has given me a real confidence lift.  I especially love my bottom and legs and I am looking forward to wearing lots of little shorts this summer!”

Is DeCarb Recommended

Absolutely – Highly Recommended, a natural product that can help you to lose weight without going without the things you enjoy.

Where To Buy DeCarb Canada

DeCarb is now shipping to Canada from official authorized distributor

Prices start at $30 for one month supply and approximately $25 per packet for 3 months.

Decarb is now called Carb Blocker – click for details