MetaSlim CLA Review

MetaSlim CLA is a product that provides a reliable source of conjugated linoleic acid. This is a natural, fatty acid which has been proven in clinical trials to lower body fat and boost muscle tissue.

This is a vital fatty acid that can only be obtained from our diet. Primarily, conjugated linoleic acid, was discovered in dairy and beef products. Grazing cattle on native grasses were discovered to have produced CLA from some linoleic acid.

Experts think that we are obtaining far less conjugated linoleic acid, from our diets, compared to prior decades. One explanation for this is that people are eating healthily, and have reduced their dairy and beef product consumption by almost fifty percent.

Another explanation is that changes have been implemented in the feeding practices of cattle and dairy herds (from organic grasses to feed & feed-lots). This has led to a lower quantity  from such sources.

But, a different source of CLA is now apparent. Lots of vegetable oils have linoleic acid in them.

Clinicians have managed to create CLA with a proprietary procedure, that changes linoleic acid in organic safflower oil (along with sunflower oil) into a conjugated linoleic acid, which is molecularly identical to natural CLA.

This represents great news for vegetarians, or anyone who has lowered their dairy and meat intake, as MetaSlim CLA is a healthy substitute source of this vital fatty acid.

How MetaSlim CLA Works

Initially identified by researchers at Wisconsin University in 1978, CLA has been tested for the effect it has on lean body mass / body fat balance. Studies have demonstrated its ability to disrupt the mechanism in the body for fat storage; and make the body use up fat reserves for energy. CLA’s fat lowering mechanism involves revitalising cell membranes within the muscles & connective tissues to permit fats to enter freely to create growth and energy.

Controlled CLA tests on animals found that it boosted protein in the body (muscle mass) whilst simultaneously reducing body fat significantly. In Norway, results of conjugated linoleic acid, tests on humans indicate that it assists people with reducing body fat and promoting lean muscle tissue.

These tests reveal no severe side-effects from consumption. Tests continue to be carried out to better understand its benefits. This includes anti-carcinogenic effects, enhanced asthma and allergy treatment, improved levels of blood sugar (diabetes), and restricting the spread of atherosclerosis, which often causes heart disease.


Because our bodies can not create this vital fatty acid, we need an independent source. As mentioned above, the decreased availability of organic conjugated linoleic acid, from dairy/animal sources has diminished this CLA source.

A big quantity of meat and dairy would be needed to supply the CLA required to enjoy any health advantages, which is not desirable to the modern, health conscious person. A couple of doses of MetaSlim CLA, which contains 1000 mg of linoleic acid per dose, will offer an adequate source of CLA. The makers recommend that these soft-gels should be consumed before meals in separated dosages.

Where To Buy MetaSlim In Canada

Can be purchased in store at many health specialist and pharmacies.

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