QuickTrim Extreme Burn Review

QuickTrim Extreme Burn is a 100% natural formula, which assists you in getting highly advanced weight reduction results. Marketed by the 3 Kardashian sisters, QuickTrim Extreme Burn has become very popular. It promises users that they will be capable of burning an additional 8000 calories each month.

It also claims to shed fat 300% quicker, and allow users to experience intense absorption and enhanced fat loss results, when compared to any other product.

This supplement is said to increase levels of energy and quell the appetite. Obviously, with the backing of such well-known celebrities, many might automatically think that QuickTrim Extreme Burn definitely works. But, is this really the case?

One of the better ingredients in the formula is Raspberry Ketone. Although it is contained it is diluted by some of the other less potent ingredients.

Raspberry Ketone has a superb pedigree and has the backing some pretty big heavyweights in the industry.

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Positive Points About the Supplement

QuickTrim Extreme Burn contains a mixture of organic components. This includes Metabromine, which is naturally derived from chocolate.

This can help users to experience improved thermogenic advantages and fat loss results. It also contains raspberry ketone, which provides users with stimulant free, calorie burning effects. As well as this, there are other ingredients, such as green tea & amino acids, that function by feeding the muscles and, thus, enhance natural metabolism.

These ingredients, which regulate cravings by controlling levels of blood glucose, and which are a good source of natural anti-oxidants and vitamins, ensure that the formula is very diverse.

Negative Points About the Supplement

QuickTrim Extreme Burn has only really garnered attention because of the celebrity names backing it. You might have realised that the Kardashians have never really been known for any significant weight reduction results. Nor have they ever been known for any severe weight problems of any type.

Although the supplement does contain some promising ingredients, it does not offer any clinical proof in support of this. The supplement does include quite a number of fruits, which make up the bulk of the blend.

Whilst these might be rich in natural anti-oxidants and vitamins, they still do not produce weight reduction results. Therefore, the product does fall somewhat short of the advertising claims. Similar to Hydroxycut, the makers appear to have gone with a safety first approach which, while not posing a risk to its’ users, forgoes any substantial results.


This product has been heavily endorsed by the Kardashians, and customers can be certain that they will be paying through the nose for this. However, this does not matter so much if the product produces good results, correct? Whilst the supplement has some potentially useful ingredients, such as raspberry ketone, it does not utilize the appropriate quantities necessary for scientifically significant results.

This blend has a lot of potential, but yet it falls short in the most crucial areas. QuickTrim Extreme Burn costs a larger amount, as you are having to pay for the celebrity approval which sells the product.

However, this blend will not shed any additional calories. Even if the product helped you to burn the claimed 8000 calories per month, this is a relatively small amount, tantamount to cutting out 1 bag of chips each day.

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