This year has been an incredibly busy year for the diet pill industry with new products being introduced almost weekly.

As a review site it is our job to keep abreast as to what is currently being talked about, promoted and endorsed in the offline media and online weblog’s and health websites from not just Canada but the whole world.

If there were an award for the most discussed diet product of this year it has to go Raspberry Ketone.  As an ingredient, it is exceptionally easy to endorse because it contains more or less everything that is good about a diet supplement.

The only negative aspect is that for every good or premier brand there are several that are not so good shall we say.

A prime example of a ‘bad‘ product is Raspberry Ketone Forte.

Raspberry Ketone Forte At A Glance

The official website at first glance appears to be not so different to the many dozens of competing brands that proliferate the websphere.

A simple one page website offering to give you the best possible weight loss results for the best possible price.

It is only when the sales process is give extra thought that a potential buyer may fall into the trap that is the Autoship program.

The Autoship program is a mechanism put in place to create maximum profit for the company while causing maximum frustration and angst for unsuspecting consumers as they wonder while a free trial has ended up costing them between $50 and $80 a month with the devils own job of contacting the company responsible and cancelling the agreement.

Raspberry Ketone Forte Ingredients

The product itself appears to contain a good mix of the current ‘hot’ ingredients – namely  Acai, African mango, Green tea, Resveratrol and of course Raspberry Ketone. What the customer is not told is how much of each ingredient is present in each capsule.

In order for Raspberry Ketone to be effective it must contain around 150 – 200mg of the substance undiluted. Raspberry Ketone probably doesn’t

Any Side Effects

Absolutely no idea

Where To Buy Raspberry Ketone In Canada

Not a product you will expect to find in the many health store and supplement specialist outlets across Canada, GNC etc. If you did want to make a purchase then its the official site.

Is It Recommended


Alternative Diet Pill

We started this review with positively praising Raspberry Ketone as a concept and not necessarily by brand – if we were to single nay individual brand it would be Raspberry Ketone Plus.

It was the product that really set the whole concept on fire and was the specific brand that first caught Fox News’ attention and was the catalyst that spawned dozens of copycat products

If you are keen to try Raspberry Ketone the try the original.

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