Hiprolean X-S is not only an unbelievable fat burner but it is also an appetite suppressant which means this supplement will help to prevent you overeating resulting in you achieving those weight lose goals quicker than you think.

Hiprolean XS is Evolution Slimming’s most potent, powerful fat burner to date. You may or may not know that our bodies have a built-in calorie burning furnace that enables us to perform the thermogenesis process. This is the method of heat production in living organisms.

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How does Hiprolean X-S work

Hiprolean X-S’s combined ingredients get hard to work and blasts your thermogenesis to the max which results in you burning off that stubborn fat faster!

If curbing your appetite and eating less is something you are constantly trying to achieve, whilst trying your upmost hardest to become more active and motivated with your weight loss success, then Hiprolean X-S could be the answer to your prayers.

Each supplement bottle comes with 60 red capsules and each and every one contains an enormous 37.5mg of Dimethylpentylamine.

Dimethylpentylamine is naturally found in Geranium plants and has recently shown some impressive results by increasing energy levels in our bodies, whilst shrinking our appetites. This product is trusted by bodybuilders and athletes and is said to be one of the hottest weight-loss supplements on the market.

Ingredients of Hiprolean XS

Interested to know what magical ingredients go inside each capsule of Hiprolean X-S? Above we touched upon the fact that Dimethylpentylamine (Dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride) is included, a massive 37.5mg goes into EVERY capsule, which means lots more energy for you and a smaller appetite.

Hiprolean XS also contains Trimethylxanthine which is a type of caffeine which again for you means more energy but it also improves your focus and mental sharpness.

It is also important to note that there are 2 inactive ingredients in each Hiprolean X-S capsule, these are Microcrystalline Cellulouse (a fat substitute) and the red capsule shell itself which is made of (Gelatine).

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How to take Hiprolean X-S

Hiprolean X-S is Evolution Slimming’s strongest non-prescription fat burner and appetite suppressant. Although guidelines in taking the supplement are straight forward it is important that you keep within the recommended dosage (2 capsules per day).

One bottle is enough for a month treatment.

Take one capsule 20 minutes before breakfast on an EMPTY stomach; follow this by taking a second capsule 20minutes before lunch. If for whatever reason you miss a dose, skip it and take your next one at the correct time indicated.

Try not to use this supplement 8 hours before you go to bed or have a sleep as this product contains active ingredients that may cause sleeplessness.

Whilst Hiprolean X-S is a herbal supplement, some individuals may experience some side effects like dry mouth and palpitations.

If you are struggling to get motivated, or the sofa is to irresistible to get up from then Hiprolean X-S is for you! This hard working supplement will help you fight those food cravings and leave you feeling fully motivated!

All of the products on the Evolution Slimming website come with a 30 day guarantee. Hiprolean X-S also comes fully equipped with a downloadable 7 day diet plan.

Evolution Slimming routinely ships to Canada without incident. Hiprolean XS is not available in pharmacies including Shopper’s Drug Mart.

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