Pure Premium Hoodia With Energy F/X Review

Pure Premium Hoodia supplement is manufactured by the popular company, Iovate Health Sciences. It is claimed however, that this supplement does more than a normal Hoodia Gordonii product.

Rather than the appetite suppressing we have become accustomed to from Hoodia supplements, 100% Pure Premium Hoodia broadens its’ potential benefits to encompass metabolism and energy boosting.

This is said to be possible by combining stimulant ingredients with Hoodia. Consequently, the 100% Pure Premium Hoodia formula is designed to target all of the primary bases of weight loss supplements: metabolism boosting, energy enhancement and appetite suppression.

Currently, 100% Pure Premium Hoodia can be purchased from several retailers and it is easily available to the interested customer. This product is based around a straightforward formula which all customers who have bought weight loss supplements before will recognise.

Ingredients and Effectiveness

The information given online states that 100% Pure Premium Hoodia has Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Premium Hoodia plus F/X in it. The latter mentioned is a mixture of Energy F/X Blend and Hoodia F/X Blend. According to a presentation made by GNC about 100% Pure Premium Hoodia, the Energy F/X Blend partly consists of 150 mg of Caffeine (which equates to one and a half cups of coffee).

Blends of B Vitamins are frequently linked to energy production. GNC state that these vitamins assist cells in converting carbs and fat into energy. Caffeine is among the world’s most famous stimulants and the majority of us encounter it through one means or another.

With 100% Pure Premium Hoodia, as with lots of other weight loss products, it is intended that the Caffeine will boost energy and increase metabolism. Hoodia Gordonii is an extremely popular appetite suppressor believed to trick the mind into thinking that the stomach is full. This ingredient is widely accessible today.

Customer Feedback

The customer reviews of 100% Pure Premium Hoodia online are definitely a mixed bag. While most people seem to agree that the product is user-friendly, tastes nice and has no side-effects, the general consensus is that it is too mild and inconsistent in the results it produces. One user reports that his body became immune to the product’s effects after the first couple of days of use.


Currently, 100% Pure Premium Hoodia is on sale for various prices, due to its’ retail distribution. One website offers it for $5.00, whilst another features a used pack for $25.99. It is not clear exactly what a “used” pack of 100% Pure Premium Hoodia is, but it probably would just be an opened box or something similar. The price ranges are wide and allow for quite competitive prices.


100% Pure Premium Hoodia should be categorised as a moderately effective combination stimulant and appetite suppressant. It has clearly found favour with some users and anyone interested in trying it can now purchase the supplement at a very competitive price from various retailers.

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