Liporoxenol diet pill bottleLiproxenol is a dietary weight loss pill or supplement that is designed to increase the metabolism of the body and to lower the absorption of fat in the blood stream.

Conversion of glucose to fat is another mechanism of action.

Liproxenol is very popular in the US and Australia and starting to make in-roads into Canada.

Popularity aside, is Liproxenol worthy of a purchase

What Is Liproxenol And How Does It Work

Official Liproxenol websiteLiproxenol has been used in an 8 week trial period. Those who used the compound lost almost 5 times more weight than those who never used it. Liproxenol has excellent thermogenic properties and it will aid in the migration of lipids in the system.

All these actions will contribute to increased weight reduction.

Fat oxidation is also promoted well.  Chromium picolinate increases synthesis of fatty acids and thus it will help in increasing the lean muscle mass. In turn, it will reduce the appetite.

Green tea polyphenols in liproxenol can inhibit the action of digestive lipases and thus decrease the process of lipolysis. It also helps in providing a lot of energy.

Key Ingredients

Though some ingredients in liproxenol are shown to help in weight loss, there is no independent test or clinical research work to prove the weight loss effect of the overall formulation.

Many customers do not have confidence to buy it.  Cayenne powder which is found in red chilli pepper will increase the temperature of body and increase metabolism to a large extent.

The presence of green tea extract and cayenne powder enhances the activity of liproxenol. But the concentration of each of these ingredients is not mentioned in the bottle. Presence of L-carnitine will increase the fat burning.

The Presence of dandelion leaf in liproxenol is also important. It will help in treating infections and also help to detoxify body. Hydroxycitric acid at 50 percent is present in the proprietary blend of the diet pill.

Liproxenol Warnings

The customers in USA suffer most on using this product when compared to the customers in UK. In the US sites, there are several auto billing options. Thus once you buy it for the first time, all payment details like address, phone number, email address, product details, transaction details, bank account details and date will be stored in the site.

Each month, this information will be used by the system to prepare an auto generated bill. Thus without asking about your demands, auto billing program will run. Thus you will end up losing a lot of money and you will also be receiving a product which you do not require. But in the case of UK customers, there are no issues. Customers can avail a money back guarantee policy.

Liproxenol Media Focus

When you check out about the testimonials and media focus on this product, you will observe that there are no good reviews on this product over the net. When you visit the official web site, you might get some useful information.

There is one site which has a fake testimonial on this product. The testimonial has been created for some other product and utilized again for liproxenol.

Success Stories

There are no success stories associated with it. Many people have lodged complaints about it. Every drug that you buy must be having a proper label. In the case of liproxenol, there are no labels. You cannot find information on how it functions or how it helps in weight loss.

Though this might seem to be a simple issue, it cannot be neglected. Whenever you try a new product like drug or food supplement, you will check the contents. If you are allergic to certain components in the bottle, you might avoid taking it. In this case, you cannot find the right ingredient. Hence you do not get an opportunity to check whether allergic agents are present in it.

Side Effects

There are so many ways to lose weight like doing strenuous exercise, going on a strict diet or using diet control pills. Out of these three options, the easiest option would be the use of diet control tablets.

But care has to be taken to check its side effects. Those who are already taking other drugs like diabetes drugs or cholesterol lowering drugs need not use it without consulting their physician.

Moreover, these tablets have diuretic effect. It is wise to keep your body well hydrated when you are on this pill.  Some people are unaware of these side effects and thus usage of liproxenol leads to other serious health issues.

Bottom Line


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