SISU ThermoslimThermoSlim is a vegetarian-friendly diet pill manufactured and marketed by SISU.

The company is based in British Columbia and produces a variety of other supplements including multivitamins and products designed to improve the immune system.

According to the product information page on the SISU company website, ThermoSlim can help people to shed unwanted pounds by improving glucose metabolism and assisting the metabolization of fats and carbohydrates.

The main selling points are:

  • Only 2 easy-to-swallow capsules needed each day
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Multi-ingredient formula to provide broad-spectrum therapeutic effects
  • Contains branded ingredients with clinically-validated safety and therapeutic benefits
  • Suitable for vegan vegetarians

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What is ThermoSlim and How Does it Work?

green coffee weight loss thermoslimSISU’s marketing material suggests they consider green coffee bean extract to be the most important ingredient, and it has a good reputation for getting results. The Svetol brand (as used by SISU) has been available since 2002, but the present buzz surrounding green coffee bean extract is largely due to the American TV show host Dr Oz. In April 2012, Oz went on air and gave the ingredient a strong endorsement.

Green coffee bean is a good metabolism booster. When the metabolism is boosted the body burns calories much faster and, when the supply runs low, the body will need to start burning fat to get extra energy. Green coffee bean extract is also believed to be capable of encouraging thermogenic fat burning. The word “thermogenic” is used to describe ingredients that trigger a slight elevation in body temperature that results in extra calories being converted to heat and dissipating into the atmosphere.

ThermoSlim Key Ingredients

Each ThermoSlim capsule provides:

  • Svetol (200mg) (8:1,QCE 1,600 mg): Svetol is a popular brand of green coffee bean extract that is used in many weight loss products. Green coffee beans are a good source of chlorogenic acid, which is known to enhance weight loss by suppressing the desire for food, speeding up the metabolism, and encouraging the body to begin burning its stores of fat. The participants in one 22-week study reduced their body fat levels by an average of 16% and lost 17 pounds. Green coffee beans are also a source of caffeine, which is a fat burner in its own right and can also help boost energy levels. SISU appear to have used an extract that has been concentrated to eight times the normal strength (8:1), so the 200mg used is the equivalent of 1,6000mg of normal Svetol.
  • Green tea extract (25mg) (4:1, QCE 100 mg): Science has proved the catechins and polyphenols contained in green tea have the ability to speed up the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. Green tea is one of the most respected and commonly used weight loss ingredients of the present time and SISU have used a 4:1 extract that provides the equivalent of 100mg of normal green tea extract.
  • Cayenne (25mg): Cayenne pepper is also renowned as a metabolism booster and fat burner. The results of some studies suggest cayenne may offer additional value by providing appetite suppression, but the amount included here may be too low to provide maximum benefits.
  • L-Methionine (25mg): An amino acid that is sometimes used as a treatment for depression. The body uses L-Methionine when manufacturing proteins and peptides, but the ingredient is not generally associated with weight loss.
  • Choline (12.5mg): A water-soluble nutrient that is vital to many bodily functions and also functions as a neurotransmitter. Choline is often included in smart drug formulations, but is unlikely to directly support weight loss.
  • Inositol (12.5mg): Another popular smart drug ingredient that is unlikely to offer much in the way of value in a blend designed to encourage weight loss.
  • Black pepper (2.5mg)(50:1, QCE 125 mg): Black pepper helps ensure other ingredients are absorbed more efficiently. The use of a 50:1 extract makes this quite a powerful dose.
  • Chromax (75mcg): A branded form of chromium that may aid weight loss by helping to balance blood sugar levels and subduing the desire for sweet food.
Usage Instructions – Two capsules are required, once per day, with food. SISU also point out good results will only be obtained if the capsules are used in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any customer feedback.

ThermoSlim Side Effects

SISU fail to state if any side effects have been reported, but ThermoSlim is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems should seek the advice of a health-care practitioner prior to taking ThermoSlim or any other brand of supplement. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medication(s).

Where To Buy ThermoSlim

SISU does not operate an online store but the company’s products can be purchased from many third-party retailers including Vitamart,, and It is also possible to buy ThermoSlim via Amazon. Prices can vary, but expect to pay $27 to $43.


SISU do not provide customers with a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The ThermoSlim formulation contains a few strange choices, such as choline and inositol, but some of the ingredients are very good. However, in many cases the potency may be questionable because there is no way of knowing if the 8:1 extracts, etc., are as strong as SISU believe them to be. This may not be a problem if the product had plenty of positive customer feedback or a money back guarantee, but it has neither, so buyers may want to thing long and hard before taking a risk and trying to lose weight with ThermoSlim.

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