Cytogenix Xenadrine RZR X Review

Xenadrine RZR X was created for extreme athletes and body-builders, and the makers say that their product will put your “thermogenic machinery into over-drive”. Xenadrine RZR X can be bought on the web for $69.99 (excluding handling and shipping). No refund guarantee is provided with this supplement. Although, some 3rd party retailers provide a refund guarantee on unopened containers. An unopened container refund guarantee is not usually much use, unless you buy in bulk.

Customers are instructed to take three liquid capsules with a glass of water three times each day, roughly a quarter of an hour prior to their meals.

On the days of their workouts, customers are advised to take one of these servings prior to their workout. Ten glasses of water are also supposed to be consumed daily when using this product. For best results, this supplement is meant to be taken for 45 days and combined with an intensive nutrition and dietary program.

Cytogenix Xenadrine RZR X Ingredients

Cytogenix Xenadrine RZR X consists of a proprietary mixture of 1066 milligrams.

The ingredients below comprise the proprietary mixture: guarana seed extract, yerba mate leaf extract, damiana leaf extract, caffeine anhydrous, muira puama bark, l-histidine, yohimbe bark, gaba, alfalfa leaf and stem, l-lycine hcl, borage oil seed, saw palmetto fruit, inositol, gingko leaf, l-ornithine alpha ketoglutarate

When consumed at the proper dosages, yerba mate and guarana and can mildly quell your appetite. Regrettably, the proprietary mixture conceals their dosages, so potential customers are left none-the-wiser as to whether there is a large enough amount of either ingredient.

Cytogenix does disclose the quantity of caffeine it contains (200 milligrams) which is substantial. This quantity can cause side-effects (see below). However, it can also help to provide energy and bolster the metabolism.

The only other notable fat burning ingredient that this product contains is Yohimbe. A scientific trial carried out on Serbian football players indicated that Yohimbe might have a powerful fat burning effect on athletes.

Cytogenix Xenadrine RZR-X Side Effects

If you suffer from any stimulant sensitivity, Xenadrine RZR X will not be for you. This product contains a large quantity of caffeine, and the over-consumption of stimulants can produce side-effects like anxiety, nausea, the jitters and headaches.

Bottom Line

It is certainly is not the breakthrough that it boasts to be. Ingredients like yerba mate and guarana can boost your levels of energy, but do not expect them to make you shed lots of pounds.

This supplement does contain a few other solid ingredients which, when consumed at the correct dosage, can produce weight loss results, but do not expect anything too remarkable. Regrettably, proprietary mixtures make gauging the effectiveness of fat burners almost impossible, because there’s no means of discovering what quantity of each ingredient is included.

There are superior alternatives available on the market, but Xenadrine RZR X does have some potential to be a good fat burner, so buying it would not be the worst error you could make.

Where To Buy Xenadrine RZR-X

Can be purchased in most stores that stock diet pills, GNC, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Couto, Wal Mart spring to mind.

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