Adipex Canada

Adipex is one of several high profile prescription only diet pills available to Canadians. We say available in as much as it can only be obtained after consultation and possible prescription from you doctor.

Adipex (also known as Adipex-P) cannot be purchased in pharmacies anywhere in Canada, it is not available through the retail or commercial sector.

What Is It And What Does It Do

Adipex-P is a chemically created and drug class diet drug, similar in nature to amphetamines and if used for a prolonged period of time can be addictive.

It is one of several brand names that include the substance Phentermine. Other brand names include Duromine and Ionamin. Phentermine has existed since the late 1950’s and has been used to treat extreme cases of obesity.

Adipex works by producing and appetite suppressing effect, it can control the region of the central nervous system which regulates food craving and reduces the want and need to eat more than is required.

Adipex is also known to raise energy levels and produce the ability to exercise helping an individual to burn excess body weight and calories of his or her own accord.

Adipex’s effect is not doubted but it is its propensity to cause side effects that reduce the volume in which doctors prescribe.

Side Effects Of Adipex

  • Nausea, Sickness,¬†Diarrhea, Constipation
  • Restlessness, Euphoria, Dizziness, Insomnia
  • Fatigue, Weakness,¬†Dysphoria
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Change in libido

Is Adipex Worth The Risk

Adipex (Phentermine) is considered to be one of the most effective weight loss solutions and has been so for over half a century. The recent developments in the commercial world has somewhat left it trailing behind.

Phentermine in particular has been modernized and the potential risk of side effects have been filtered out.

Phentermine Alternatives

PhenQ newThere are currently over a dozen Phentermine alternatives that can be purchased without prescription – most do not contain drug classed components.

Perhaps the best example is PhenQ – a Phentermine alternative or replica that has been formulated under FDA guidelines and formulated using pharmacy grade ingredients.

It is available to purchase direct from the official website and delivered without shipping costs anywhere in Canada and the USA.

PhenQ has been coined Phentermine Evolved.

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