SlimQuick Razor Review Canada

Razor is the latest diet product to be introduced by SlimQuick. A fat burner by definition that claims to be able to help you to lose 25lb, fast.

Its is also claims to be the strongest female burner available in America. The good news is it is also available to buy over the counter in Canada.

What Is It And How Does It Work

A formulated fat burner created to raise the metabolism in an attempt to burn excess body fat, not unlike a majority of commercial fat burners. razor tries to add its won unique flavour by including a unique blend called the called the 6 Ways Complex.

The blend contains a dozen ingredients with green tea, caffeine and capsicum extract being the most noteworthy. Even more noteworthy is he lack of detail to exactly how much of ingredient is actually present.

Potential Side Effects

Unlikely to cause anything of any great severity judging by the ingredient list although the caffeine content may be prohibitive to those with a sensitivity. Nausea, restlessness and possible anxiety have been documented in a small number of cases.

Where To By SlimQuick Razor In Canada

Available to buy in most pharmacies and drug stores in most Canadian provinces (Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix and Jean Coutu likely candidates).

Is Slim Quick Razor Recommended

Not a product to invest not only your hard earned cash into but also your hopes and aspirations of weight loss. There are others that are better equiped and do the job so much better.

Alternative Fat Burners

Phen375 is hard to ignore, where others flatter to deceive, Phen375 have potentially the biggest selling point in comparison to any other fat burner available to to buy over the counter – it is manufactured in FDA approved facilities.

Phen375 also consists of premium grade pharmaceutical grade ingredients designed to help most user lose 3-5lbs of fat per week consistently.

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